Nicole is one of those kindred spirits. She has this energy and aura about her that makes you feel comfortable in her presence within seconds. I have had the opportunity to have a reading and henna done by her as well as participated in many gatherings and workshops. She takes great pride in her work and is humble beyond measure. The energy and time she puts into preparation and for the reading and/or event going on is immense, yet she handles it all with grace. The gatherings and workshops are small and intimate which helps form trust not only between Nicole and the participants but between the participants too. An environment of vulnerability and trust is established and what comes of it is truly incredible. I always feel so rejuvenated and energized after attending any number of gatherings Nicole has offered in the past. I will continue to support her and her work.

Siobhan B


Nicole comes to readings with a deep understanding of the tarot. She is able to offer insight that is rooted in the symbolism of the cards through the eyes of the collective unconscious. She is an intuitive spirit that allows for healthy communication about complex and challenging aspects of our lives. Every time I come to Nicole for a reading I leave with a newfound appreciation for her gifted mind, intuitive insight and compassion. She is a stellar example of how to conduct tarot readings with sincerity, love and integrity.

Elfie K


Nicole is the real deal! I have readings with Nicole on the regular and she absolutely nails it every time. I love going to see Nicole when I’m unclear, need confirmation, and/or just for fun to see what comes up. Nicole’s energy is amazing, and I always leave energized, uplifted, and inspired. I highly recommend Nicole to everyone I know.

Jenn W

Nicole Bishop - Tarot Reading - Studio 7

Photo by Kirsten Schollig of me reading tarot during the grand opening of her creative & photography studio space, Studio 74 in Collingwood, Ontario