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2020 And The Energetic Hangover

I don’t really drink alcohol at this point in my life. Every so often I enjoy a glass or two of wine or a nice cold something but 90% of the time I go entirely without. Not to say I haven’t had my fair share of experiences to be able to draw the comparison on an energetic level. With each passing Moon phase and astrological season, I sit at my computer ready to formulate ramblings on the lessons of the moment and they’ve all gone to the wayside. Sure, I can write things for the blog that have to do with facts and figures, and I will, but each of these phases has effected me so deeply that the posts never felt quite right. There was more I wanted to share and discuss or explore and before I knew it, it was a Dark Moon or it was another Full Moon. 2020 hasn’t felt like moments side-by-side, with a sense of time passing, but a single moment smooshed together.

I wake up like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day wondering if I’ve lived this before. Feeling the vague familiarity of a routine I almost have no control over. I fall asleep {if my random bouts of 2020 insomnia aren’t in full effect} contemplating the lessons of the day or the season and mulling over my to-do list before and before I know it the alarm goes off and I feel like it’s still Monday. It’s like last year was filled with so much personal {very major} change for at least the majority of the people I encountered that this year is so focused on major changes for the planet that life has taken a back seat. We have work to do, and we are being reminded of that every single day, with each passing moon cycle, each passing season - we’ve got a long way to go.

The Tower from the Smith-Waite deck

In essence, 2020 has been acting like that friend in the bar who keeps buying drinks for everyone hours after anyone actually wants to drink anymore. Filling you up with so much more than what you can handle, and as you knock them back without thinking, that small remnant of rationale deep in your subconscious tells you, “mistake.” The energies we’ve been experiencing from eclipse after eclipse to retrograde on retrograde and more have been heavy. The effect of which has felt like a year-long energetic hangover that no amount of Advil will cure and we’re all screaming from the back seat, “Is it 2021, yet?".

Aside from the light and shadows of our own lives, we’re navigating a global pandemic, a looming recession, Trump being Trump, police-focused protests, growing racial tensions and BLM protests for equality, Becky’s, Karen’s, Kevin’s and that’s just in North America - the major hardships going on in other countries like Turkey and Yemen {just to name two} are not to be forgotten. 

So where does that leave us? I think ultimately, 2020 is a shapeshifter year trying to get the world on track as one planet, and that’s not a simple lesson. We’re learning more about the happenings within other countries {good and bad}, we’re experiencing a virus together - a great equalizer to remind us all that we are all human and no matter where you live or what job you have, we are flesh and blood. It’s a lesson on recognizing gratitude and recognizing the injustices of your neighbor based on race or sex. We’re being humbled at the same time as our eyes are being pried open to see what is truly happening in the world. That means that people will get angry, people will be overwhelmed, tired & confused but we have to keep going. There is no sandpit to shove your head into anymore to plead ignorance. The planets have shoved a textbook into our hands called “How to Be Human 101,” and we’re still on the first page.

I watched Ad Astra a few months ago, a movie I can’t in good conscience recommend you endure, but it’s main principle stuck with me and I think it desperately applies here - why are we so focused on finding other forms of life when we haven’t taken the time to appreciate or experience all the life we find on this planet? In the movie they’ve set up a community on the moon - the shopping malls look the same as what you would find on earth, the 9-5 daily grind in full effect. The point was showing how even given the opportunity to do something new in a new place we repeat our mistakes…Groundhog Day. 

We are creatures of habit and you can see the patterns by picking up any history textbook focused on any country at any point in history. We almost need to be shaken really hard to change our nature which seems to have a creepy desire for destruction. Our towers are being shaken and we’re being forced to wake up even though we’re still processing the impact of the figurative night before.

from the Modern Witch Tarot deck

We wake up feeling regret and shame, wondering how we even got here. The entire year or {maybe even longer than that} feels like a total blur. The lesson is that to avoid feeling this way, we have to make different choices. At the beginning of this year, I named The Magician card as the tarot card for the year, encouraging the alchemist energy of creation - taking your desires and dreams and bringing them into reality and I think that card has proven to be more and more true as things crumble. How will we rebuild? What will be created in place of what once was? And will it look any different…it’s up to us to decide.

So cheers to 2020.

I encourage you to journal on this if you feel called or if you want to share your experience or thoughts please feel free to in the comments section below.


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