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A Blue Moon on Samhain & The Circle of Life

Today marks the sacred holiday of Samhain. A time of year when the veil between the physical world & the spirit realm is at its thinnest. With the Blue Taurus Moon bright in the sky & the energies of Scorpio Season still felt all around us, the lessons of this holiday are heightened even further as we are confronted with true essence of the circle of life. What was, alongside what is. Life meets Death & Death greets life.

That is in part why this holiday, also referred to as Halloween, has gotten a reputation or stigma attached to it as being an "evil" holiday. The idea that demonic spirits or evil energies are called upon to step forth into the physical realm to do harm & reap havoc. While I would love to say this is a silly notion & entirely impossible, it's not. Just as people house both light & dark, so do spirits, & just like humans, some contain more of one over the other. It's simply the way the Universe works - balance from opposition. Working with the spirit realm is beautiful, but always proceed with caution.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let's talk a bit about astrological influences going on right now.

Taurus, our Blue Moon, is ruled by the planet Venus which represents love, beauty, relationships & pleasure. Taurus is an earth sign & pleasure seeker deeply connected to the material realm in terms of nice things & surroundings {& food!} & money which is really the energy of security & stability. In other words, the stubborn Bull likes a comfort zone, & as a fixed sign, Taurus is very rooted in place making them a very loving but also a very set-in-their-ways sign/energy. THE HIEROPHANT is the card that represents Taurus in tarot & is all about structure. Hierophant is an old church figure, almost like a priest or guide that really set the structure & how-to’s in terms of how to evolve or pass the gates into heaven or the spirit realm. The energy of the card is very disciplined & masculine in energy - very regiment & diligent. “This is how things are done.”

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto which represents the Underworld, Death, Rebirth, transformation & Evolution. Scorpio is a water sign represented by the Scorpion. Scorpio has a reputation of being the most intense sign, whose inner waters are as deep & mysterious as the oceans. Scorpio is a feeler, an analyst & thinker, deeply mystical & also a fixed sign. Their “stubbornness” can be related to their difficulty in coming up to the surface for air. Sometimes their depths are so welcoming & safe that it’s hard to come out & explore the world the around them. That’s what makes Scorpio & Taurus such opposites, or a polarity. Taurus is the beauty & structure of life & Scorpio is the vastness & mysteries of spirit. Scorpio is represented by THE DEATH card in tarot. The constant regeneration process of things releasing & receiving. If we look at the landscape around us in the Northern Hemisphere, Death is revealing itself all around us through the picked-over crops & fallen leaves. It's not hiding.

So with the moon connected to the energies of Taurus, heightened by it’s blue moon energy, it is shining a giant spotlight on life as we know it. Society as we know it. The season of Scorpio is forcing us to get over ourselves & admit what isn’t working & reevaluate our structure & shift our rules, even break them if necessary. This is a time to recognize where we are being stubborn in our transformations & where that stubbornness is actually doing us a disservice. Scorpio is letting us experience her waters. Inviting us to go within & crossover to the other side in order to come back reborn. It’s time to give ourselves to the earth, under the Taurus moon, as the water calls us to. 

You may be experiencing the urge to break free. You might be feeling more consumed by your current structure & routine - the pandemic adds to this as well. The desire to almost wipe the slate clean and start over. We aren’t meant to carry the weight of the world. Worry & stress of the mind & spirit creates stress on the physical body.

Today is a great moment to pause & think about the balance of opposition within.

There is something called Generational Healing in which a gifted practitioner would work to mend & heal the traumas experienced by family members & ancestors that might have attached themselves to you in a way that's blocking you or weighing you down. Mending that cycle or cutting the continued transference of energy in order to free you & future generations in your bloodlines from feeling the stress of trauma experienced by someone else. With the access to the spirit realm on this day, it's a great time to heal & mend those unseen weights carried by those before you. So if we can call those who have passed, what about the lives we've lived?

Have you ever thought about calling yourself forward?

If we step into our own past & the traumas or the lessons we keep repeating in each lifetime, what happened to us in other times maybe even other places that has yet to be confronted or mended? Maybe it isn't just our grandparent's stress we carry but the lingering unfinished business that was caused by a past life or many past lives. For anyone who has been called an old soul or has a deep feeling that you have been here before, I invite you to take some time tonight to call your past forward. Go deep within yourself & find what recurring patterns need to be released & broken to end their cycles within this lifetime & your next. What wisdom from the Underworld can be brought to the surface or material world in order to shape our current existence?

Death is here to teach us about life. So as beings connected to both, through our physical bodies & our spirits, it is for us to use that gift of knowledge to shift our current existence. We might have to lose control in some aspects to regain it. This is a time to completely question the structures & rules you've put in place in your life. Go deep & ask yourself questions like "am I happy?" or "is this the life I actually want to live?". Turn to your past self to understand those answers. Maybe there are things that you are still carrying within your spirit that are influencing patterns as opposed to breaking free of them. Right now, rules are being confronted so that they can be broken & rebuilt. Just as parts of ourselves will be.

The answers also lie within both realms. Don't forget to experience the world around you. Indulge the senses & spend time in nature, cook a beautiful meal, have sex, hug, get dressed up, have a bath, read your favourite book by a fire - there are as many answers in the outwardly pleasures we seek as there are within our souls.

Last night I partnered with one of my favourite people to gather in circle with others out in the woods. Tamara, a Forest Therapy Guide, offered history about the land we found ourselves on & connected us to nature. I shared the insights that I wrote about above & guided everyone through a releasing ritual I'd like to offer you to practice tonight if you feel called to.

As we are under an earth moon I wanted to release the desired aspects of our past & past selves to Mother Earth - the place we are all born from, & the place we all return to. I gave everyone a moment to collect a few objects that they felt connected to, whether it was rocks or leaves or twigs, & focus on putting all of that unwanted energy into those objects. Holding them in their hands, feeling them soaking up what they were releasing like little sponges. Once they were finished, we buried the objects in Earth, letting them return to her for her to work her magick.

It was a really beautiful process to bury ourselves for healing. Releasing what we no longer need or want to carry. If there are objects like jewelry or crystals that you feel could benefit then absolutely go for it.

Just remember, change is the only constant in life. As we watch the trees shed their leaves so that they can be offered to the Earth, they know that when the moment comes, life will begin again. The flowers will bloom, the crops will grow & we are no different. Don't be afraid to shed a skin. Savour each joyful moment, & know that the pain will pass. It's just the cycle of life.

Thank you to everyone who came to our gathering last night. It was so magickal being in the quiet forest around the fire. The skies were so clear that the Moonlight was bright amongst the trees. I wish you all a very blessed holiday.

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