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Aries & Libra: What We Can Expect from this Astrological Season & the March Moon

My altar at Full Moon Gathering at Matilda Swanson Gallery

Welcome to the first Full Moon of the Astrological New Year!

On March 20th we celebrated the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere & the Southern Hemisphere honoured the coming of Autumn.

Equinox is Latin for “equal night”, a time when the entire earth is basically experiencing equal amounts of sunshine & moonbeams. There’s a lot more at play here with the energies of Spring really being connected to the energy of the Death Card in tarot. Nature is reminding us that we need to let go & allow what is no longer needed go back to the earth to nourish the ground it once came from so that it can make way for new growth & animals so that the cycles of life can continue. Spring is connected to the energy of the Maiden - fertility, abundance, creativity, fresh perspectives & beginnings.

March 20th also brought us the beginning of Aries Season acting as a literal spark to ignite a new year with a bang, fireworks & all. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, moving us out of the very introspective mystical watery sign of Pisces. As the final sign of the Zodiac cycle, Pisces has us contemplating the year we’ve had & trying to understand who we are through that. Pisces has a tendency to avoid reality, feeling more at home in the mystical Universal realms spiritually & emotionally so sometimes as a season we can feel highly emotional & therefor our emotions are leading us rather than the logical brain which helps us to actually make decisions & execute tasks. Pisces gives us the opportunity to recognize our patterns & if we want to break our cycles or keep repeating ourselves year after year, finding ourselves in the same place we did the year before.

Aries bursts in the front door & shakes us awake. It can feel really exciting but it can also feel like slamming into a brick wall. Aries’ energy is fiercely different from soft Pisces. Aries is a doer. Aries people are born leaders with the desire to push & get things done. As a season we can feel a big push to get through our lists & achieve our goals. It can also leave us feeling really impatient (different signs can be affected differently) & feeling like we’ve been slacking. If there are things we’ve been putting off (especially in Pisces at our astrological year-end) then we can feel like we’ve got unfinished business or that we should be further ahead. Watching the buds & plants sprout around us can also have us looking at other people feeling like we haven’t even begun when everyone else is starting to see results or going at a pace we won’t catch up to.

Aries is a great way to start the year even in the discomfort. Even in the frustration. The best resolve here is just to begin & as a leader of our own lives, focus on your own. Every plant blooms at a different pace even when it seems like everything springs up at exactly the same time. Nature doesn’t compare, it just does. If something doesn’t work, it makes way for what does. It doesn’t overthink or put pressure on itself to perform a certain way. At the end of the day it always works out. So the key during this season is to use the fire but don’t become consumed by the flame.

Aries is represented by The Emperor in tarot. A card very much in masculine energies of action, structure, analysis, full speed ahead, taking charge, making, purging, telling, etc. Ruled by Mars, the planet of war & confrontation, you might find that tensions can be high right now with yourself & within yourself & other people. If we think of this energy in connection to the season, we’ve been woken up from hibernation & we’re hungry & disoriented & back on the treadmill of life before we’ve had a chance to make our morning coffee. It’s exciting & there’s lots of newness to play with, but it can also be a huge reminder that we are carrying the weights of the past that are holding us back from the possibilities of the future. If certain people or situations are still on your list or nagging you or at you about things it can feel like you’re a ticking time bomb either ready to explode or succumb to their heaviness & crack under pressure missing out on a season meant to set you up for success.

BOUNDARIES ARE HUGE RIGHT NOW. Purging is huge right now. If you are struggling with this energy or feeling that discomfort, a great first step or way to begin is to take stock & start going through your current to figure out how to move forward on YOUR journey. Are there obligations or people who are bumming you out? How can you create a boundary? How can you get them off of your list?

With the Full Moon in Libra arriving (full moon energy can be felt 2-3 days before & 2-3 days after peak fullness) it’s energies act like the yin to Aries’ yang. Libra & Aries are polarities meaning that they are on the opposing sides of the Zodiac Wheel. I often compare this opposition to the colour wheel with complimentary colours. Mixed together they cancel each other out because they are represent opposing energies so mixed as one they equal nothing. When laid next to each other they make each other stand out because of that opposition like how blue & orange make each other pop.

Full Moon in Libra | Duntroon, Ontario

Libra is an air sign ruled by the beauty-loving planet of Venus. Libra as an energy seeks harmony, peace, beautiful things, & is very social. Libra is also a cardinal sign & starts our season of Autumn (what the Southern Hemisphere is experiencing). Libra thrives in harmonious settings & cannot stand chaos or when things are out of sorts. Libra energy houses a perfectionist approach & anything less than that in their minds can turn them upside-down.

Libra is such a people-pleaser that as an energy it can sometimes manifest in losing sight of their own interests or opinions because they don’t want to disrupt the status quo or create conflict. Because of this there is also sometimes a struggle to make decisions.

Basically, Libra loves a cushy & beautiful environment where everything is easy & natural & everyone is having fun & there’s no conflict or lack of pleasure. Libra is a seeker of a Utopian world of order & structure & fairness. So, the opposite of Aries in every way. Libra loves collaboration & teamwork where Aries likes to be in charge or get it done solo. It’s not that Aries as a person doesn’t work well with others it’s just that it’s about getting things done the best way, not the democratic way. Aries isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers if it means that the goal will be reached whereas Libra is more concerned about losing friends along the way.

Libra is ruled by the Justice card in tarot which is all about fairness & receiving back what you put into something. It’s a very karmic-fuelled card. Essentially if you do good, good will be given back. If you act with malice than your actions will be met with consequences. It’s an energy of keeping the peace & making sure energies remain steady & even with nothing or no one stepping out of line.

So what are these two energies currently offering us? What are we living for? Who are we living for? Are you working towards your own goals & ambitions or are you compromising or living your life in a way that serves others & not yourself? This moon is about finding common ground between what you want & the people around you or “the common good”. Libra’s energy is encouraging us to mend conflicts & resolve issues & Aries is encouraging us to take action but also not be fearful of saying yes to ourselves even if it means saying no to someone else. This time is about finding a place where you can feel good about living your life while also supporting your relationships along the way.

However, if there are relationships that are really not flowing or working well & there seems to be a constant friction & you’ve put a lot of caring & effort in that realm of your life, maybe it’s time to consider that it’s not meant for you or it’s that person’s turn to do the work.

The biggest relationship that needs healing right now, is the one that you have with yourself. Take time right now to ask yourself what it is you’re putting off or not doing that will add to your quality of life. What areas of yourself have you stopped sending love to or nurturing because you’ve been so busy putting your energies elsewhere?

Don’t be afraid of who you really are. Push expectation aside & open up about what your needs are. What you love to do & what you don't.

The relationships that are meant for your TRUE self won’t come at the expense of your dreams or your own needs. If "keeping the peace” requires self sacrifice & is generating feelings of resentment, is it really an act in favour keeping the peace? Keep in mind that transition periods are messy but even after the biggest storms the sun still rises. Sometimes chaos isn’t bad, it’s necessary. You can’t create fire without banging rocks.

This is the beginning. Rome wasn’t built in a day so remind yourself to be easy on you. It’s all a process but it’s time to at least acknowledge where you currently are & make the commitment to start.

If this time is resonating in a way that you feel energized & truly ready for the year then let it act as a reminder to not just blaze a road for yourself but also lean in to your community & don’t be afraid of losing yourself in groups or relationships, but just keep yourself open to welcoming the ones meant for you & remind yourself that your boundaries act as shields for bullshit & not walls that keep everything out.

There might be elements of uncertainty considering that we are at a beginning so there is a big looming element of the unknown, but the Libra Moon also encourages us to experience & explore & see the beauty that the process has to offer as well.

Think of the union of the Mars & Venus energy as “Creative Chaos”. Working through the mess to put the pieces together to set yourself up for a life & the relationships that are meant for you. Even the hard times can hold their own beauty.

Think about this as a new cycle, and we don't want to find ourselves in Pisces season, at the end of the astrological new year, wondering why we keep repeating ourselves or ending up in the same situations that don't serve us.

Some great ways to use this lunation is to do a deep clean in your home, office, or any space that energies need to move & be reorganized & refreshed. Go for a walk in nature & give anything you no longer want to carry with you back to the earth.

Thank you to everyone who came & gathered with me at the Matilda Swanson Gallery in Clarksburg for this very special Full Moon celebration. It was wonderful to be able to offer something in person after doing so many things online. We did a small visualization, talked about the energies, explored ourselves through a release, journal prompts & ended with our own tarot spreads. Thank you so much to Sarah, owner of the beautiful gallery space for joining & allowing me to use her gorgeous space. The perfect setting for a Libra Full Moon.

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