• Nicole Bishop

Embracing Mercury Retrograde: From Frustration to Flow

When Mercury goes Retrograde, we typically don't jump with joy. Our devices can all of a sudden short out or bust, emails get lost, texts get sent to the wrong person, words get misinterpreted...it can be a bit of a hard time to navigate when you're trying to just get through the week. Wanting your work day or personal life to just keep moving along as usual isn't too much to ask but it does prevent you from moving, shifting or learning if everything is always the same & always easy. Mercury Retrograde isn't one for keeping the peace in a world reliant on technology & extra heavy on the communication.

Mercury is the ruler of expression, communication, relationships & technology. When it's Direct {meaning the planet is spinning along in space as it always does} these things are spinning along with it, not missing a beat. When Mercury goes Retrograde, it means the planet is slowing down in it's rotation, spinning so slowly it gives the illusion that it's rotating backwards. Like a cog in a machine, once Mercury starts to get sticky, everything it's connected to & responsible for moving start to "break down". Mercury Retrograde has become a new age curse word with everyone on social media cursing it's arrival like some sort of technology plague that's out to get our iPhones.

While I've had my moments during M.R. in the past, shaking my fist towards the heavens when my digital notes have been lost or important emails have curled up & made a cozy room for themselves in my outbox, I've learned to embrace the true nature of what a Retrograde can offer us.

When Mercury is Direct, communication is flowing, devices seem to be working without so much as a glitch, times are good. We perceive Retrograde as the opposite in a way that doesn't go with our flow, but really, we are just misinterpreting the beauty of the shadow. Retrograde is a time for inner communication, unplugging, the relationship we have with self & personal expression. It encourages us to switch gears & slow down so that we have time to focus on our own self-importance & care. It's not Mercury that's out of whack during Retrograde, it's us. Not listening to the rhythms of the Universe, the ebb & flow that happens naturally here on Earth is a rhythm that's playing all around us. The tide going out is just as important as when it comes back in again. Both have value & necessity.

I've been experiencing a lot of nostalgia since the begin of this M.R., really feeling the urge to slow down in core of my being. I've been longing not just for less cell phone time, but a world of no cell phones. Instead of crowds & conversations I've been craving peace & solitary quiet. These are all influences that could very well come from Mercury's slow period, encouraging observation, self discovery & inspiring us to savour each moment & pay attention to our current.

We are half way through this Retrograde with it ending on February 21st. Take a moment to think about what your experience has been during Retrogrades in the past & think about how you've been feeling or what you've been experiencing so far during this one. Have you embraced the flow of it's wisdom? Have you resisted the call to go within? Are you totally in alignment with it's beat? If not, consider making some changes & bring awareness to the call to go within & unplug for the rest of this Retrograde. On the last day, maybe sit down with a journal & tap into how it feels when swimming against it's current & when you go with it's flow.

As much as we can't totally shut off all communication or devices for weeks on end based on the workings of modern society, everyone can take some time to just be in their own presence & pause. Whether through mediation, creation, writing, walking in nature or having a bath. We all need time to put the pieces of our puzzle together to face the world in tact & we can't do that running full speed ahead.

Wishing you all a blessed & rested Retrograde!

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