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Interview with Sarah of Midnight Raven Studios

I met Sarah a year or so ago at a witchy market in Elora, and since that day I have been endlessly impressed by her. A crystal creatrix, magick maker and a dedicated entrepreneur. I have had the pleasure of experiencing the feel good energy of her creations, witnessed the beauty of her Archetypology workshop and have also been honoured to be part of her Witch + Wellness markets out of Waterloo and Kitchener. She not only is totally present with her own business and her clients but she's also incredibly keen to lift others up, including her peers. I like to joke that she's introduced me to my "Witchy Waterloo coven," but in truth it's been life changing. I cannot say enough good things about Sarah and I feel so lucky to have had a chance to interview her so that you can get to know her more too.

Photo by Harm None Photography

Sun/Moon/Rising: Taurus/Scorpio/Scorpio

Pronouns: She/Her

Born: May 9, 1998 in Kitchener, Ontario

Currently Residing in: Waterloo, Ontario

Favourite Song: While It's Good by Danny Webster

Favourite Colour: Blue of course!

Places to Discover: Hawaii is one for sure. I have already been but it has a deep healing energy that I find myself craving. Also Italy, France or anywhere I can study art history. 

Favourite Decks: Wild Unknown Tarot and White Owl Mystic Arcana Deck

Favourite Crystals: Pyrite, Labradorite, Spirit Quartz

Creative/Artistic Mediums: Oh so many! Jewelry of course but I love to paint. I also have gotten into Digital art a lot more again. I also have a background in theatre production.

So let's start with a little introduction. Who are you are and what you do?

My name is Sarah Midnight and I own Midnight Raven Studios based out of Waterloo, Ontario. I am a Witch, Artist and an Alchemist. I created my own system of Magick which I call Archetypology with the intention of creating a non-judgemental system of Magick that focuses on introspection, personal development and sustainable manifestation. I believe that everyone has their own unique magick and that embarking on a journey to self actualization is the key to a fulfilling life. My system combines teachings from a variety of different Magickal sources but also positive psychology and self help. I use psychological archetypes to tap into an individuals sense of purpose and to help the discover or re-discover their values and gifts. 

So what is Archetypology is and how does it work? What can people learn from discovering their Archetype?

An Archetype is a symbol that transcends time, space and cultures. Their images or symbols that always seem to come up in stories that always seem to mean the same thing. I created my system of Archetypes by testing which Archetypes resonate best with women today and eventually narrowed it down to 12. Your Primary Archetype represents your sense of purpose; your journey in the world. Your Secondary Archetype represents your gifts - it's the how you go about manifesting your purpose in the world. For example, my Primary Archetype is the Alchemist representing the fact that my purpose surrounds transformation. My Secondary Archetype is the Artist because I create this transformation through my art. Understanding your Archetype is essentially a guide to how to live your Magick each and everyday of your life. It's a continuous journey of discovery, initiation and manifestation. A lifelong balancing act.

Midnight Raven crystal hair pins

Very cool! What other kinds of spiritual practices do you follow aside from that?

Astrology. A few years ago I never thought I would say that but the more you try things the more you learn. I also study Shamanism in a broad sense. I do not study Indigenous Shamanism nor do I claim to at all. My practice is rooted in the Norse Shamanism. 

What led you to want to build your career in the spiritual and wellness realms and not just practice within it?

I honestly have no idea. I have always been an incredibly spiritual person since way before I even knew what spirituality really was. I can't remember a time when I wasn't collecting crystals, making potions and working with my guides. Of course when I was a kid my guides took on very different forms than they do now. I had created a meditation, even though I didn't know meditation was a thing people did, where I would talk to kids' cartoon characters like my guides in a whole world I had created in my own mind. I don't really know what pulled me to do this at the time I just kind of knew how to tap in.

Do you find that your spiritual beliefs influence your creative work or overall work ethic?

I think that spirituality is also a form of self-care and the more you are intentionally practicing self-care the more you can work productively rather than reactively. 

What pulled you to create and work with crystals specifically?

Again this was another thing that was kind of just natural for me. I know I collected rocks since I was very young and eventually I met someone who sold crystals at a farmer's market who had actual crystals. I would buy and collect little tumblies from him, which eventually led me to reading about crystal healing. I was only 16 when I got my crystal healing certification and I had wanted to do it for a long time before that I just didn't have any money to invest.

What inspired you to make the crystal crowns?

I honestly just had a dream about meditating with one and the power that it created and then I just made one for myself and then more people wanted them.

What’s been the most rewarding part of your creative journey?

You know, it's a little strange how oddly emotional this job can be. I love connecting with people most in person through workshops or markets because I find crystals can really speak to the emotional side of someone. I remember one woman in particular who I met at a metaphysical show who told me her story of recently winning her battle against cancer. She ended up buying a Warrior bracelet in honour of this. We both cried over the course of the interaction and I think about interactions like this often. This is the most fulfilling part of what I do. It's why I started doing readings. 

What are some crystals you think everyone should have in their collection?

110% Rose Quartz for self-love and connecting with what you need in the moment. Amethyst for calming the mind in times of stress. Citrine to manifest your dreams. Clear Quartz for intention setting and energy. I also love Labradorite for its ability to guide you through shadow work. 

Sarah with one of her crystal crown creations

When do you feel the most creative?

It used to be at night, hence my professional name, however more recently I have felt super creative and energized in the mornings


What do you wish to see more of in the modern spiritual community?

I am so glad we are starting to talk about ethics, accountability and the existence of privilege in spirituality. I have always had a little bit of an issue with self-help and spiritual "gurus" talking about how mindset is the only thing you need to get ahead. This is true in a world without racism, classism, sexism, whatever-ism but the truth is for a lot of people the game starts out as fixed and very real systems of oppression exist that hold people back. Manifestation is powerful. I am so glad that we are starting to have more conversations about this and reckoning with the realities of the world. 

Well said. How do you find Social Media affects you & your profession?

Most of the time I find social media a beautiful tool of collaboration and connection. I curate my account very specifically to mute any accounts I don't regularly find inspiring. The minute I feel a little gross looking at someone else's feed I mute their posts. I never want to find myself feeling jealous of another creator. There is space for us all, after all. 

Photo by Harm None Photography

What has been the most rewarding part of your overall journey so far?

Creating connections and building my community! 

Thank you so much, Sarah!

If you want to follow along with Sarah's journey, shop her beautiful crystal creations, or discover your Archetype, you can check out her platforms below:



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