• Nicole Bishop

Ode to Ostara: A New Year

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

The snow thaws & reveals the leaves that fell last Fall,

a reminder of our past.

The muddy fields slowly begin to sunbathe back to soil before our eyes & the bodies of our past will soon be one with the Earth allowing the sprouts & buds of new beginnings to flourish around us.

Nature doesn't ask why, it just does. It doesn't question purpose but acts with conviction.

The trees, flowers, mosses & grass will rise once again to take up space, expanding in every direction, free from self-doubt or comparison.

Their natural bodies unfolding brightly, reminding us not to wait for life to happen but to begin,

& begin again,

& begin again

as many times as we need to.

The Equinox brings us into a time of release & manifestation, cleansing & opening, creating & burning. As the Northern Hemisphere welcomes the Sun, the Southern Hemisphere begins to quiet & cozy up to the Moon.

Today we honour the essence of full circle. We look to the masculine & the feminine in their union & their harmony in the realm of the Divine. The world experiences light & dark, shadow & sunbeams.

In this moment we celebrate all that we were, all that we are, & all that we will be.

We are becoming.

As the leaves nurture the seeds that will grow into blossoms.

We are becoming.

Brightest Blessings on this new year.

Some of the photos above were taken during my Ostara Gathering which was co-guided with Forest Therapy Guide Tamara Fournier on March 20th at Metcalfe Rock. The other photos are of the day after, still honouring the birth of Spring with outdoor time in The Town of The Blue Mountains in Ontario.

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