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Reminder on this Aries Moon: You are Powerful

Today the moon becomes full in her current home of Aries. Aries is the first sign in the zodiac & known for amazing leadership skills, determination, being assertive, bold & optimistic. As an energy, Aries is very forward-thinking on the path ahead. Goal-oriented & future-thinking, Aries is also ruled by The Emperor card in tarot & the planet Mars. While this might be labeled as a good time to use this energy to take action & plan & think of goals & other pursuits, I want to encourage you to harness this Emperor energy to rebuild within. This moon is a starting point to acknowledge the rocky chaos of the last year & a half & sit with your own needs & growth.

We are still in Libra Season which supports us in the pursuit of realigning our sense of balance. I always describe balance as an action & not a state of being, because our definition of what feels balanced , as it should be. Our environment changes, life shifts & so do we, whether we realize it in the moment or not. Sometimes we lean into working hard & therefore need to pursue rest or whatever else we need to do to work within in the ebb & flow of life. Libra encourages us to use this time of leadership with the Aries Moon to realign in the ways we need to in order to feel peace & support & aren’t spending our time & energy on things that are getting us more off course than anything else.

Libra is ruled by Venus whereas Aries is ruled by Mars. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, abundance & overall quality lifestyle whereas Mars is the planet of war. The two very opposing energies act as a beautiful example of what balance truly means. Taking the wisdom of both to harness those qualities within your life so one supports the other. For example, conflict or confrontation {Mars} is a useful tool in order to protect your peace {Venus} & the lifestyle you’ve created for yourself. The Emperor can act as the protector of all of that beauty & bounty, & we need to protect the things we’ve worked hard for, in both the material & metaphysical realms.

Question to ask yourself: What in your life are you pursuing & what are the areas in your present you want to protect? Boundaries are key to protect & defend against energy drains.

We need the energy & the wisdom of The Emperor to teach us how to be unafraid of the conflicts that will arise when we choose ourselves. The pursuit of balance or the pursuit of peace can sometimes bring more chaos initially than it dissolves because it creates a shift & sometimes that shift can affect the lives of others, which they might not love. You have to trust in your own worth & your own power even if you can’t feel it right now. The chaos & conflict that might come at you once you make the decision to fight for you, will be worth it in the end. Remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. Remind yourself that the changes you might create for others will be understood by those who honour & appreciate you. This is a time to cut off the energy drains that are within your external environment & the ones that reside within. Remember that you are not your thoughts, & when you start to find yourself holding space for negative self talk or doubt, acknowledge it as a human moment & let it pass. Caution is good to have, our intuition will fire off when we should pursue or act with caution, but be mindful in the moments that feel more like insecurity or fear. Again, the only way to know for sure is to trust yourself on how to proceed & shift accordingly as needed.

We need to be the leaders of our own lives in order to make sure we stay on our true path. We need to forgive ourselves for the mistakes we’ve made, for the moments we feel we gave too much or too little. If we hang on to the things, energies or people that don’t serve us, we continue to build up clutter which will only be more things to manage & carry & our cycles will keep repeating. Have you ever found yourself in moments where you think, “I can’t believe I’ve found myself in the same situation I was in a year ago.” It happens. The key is to try & work through those moments so we don’t keep repeating that sentence to ourselves year after year, after year.

If you can, spend some time today thinking about what you need to end in order to begin. You may feel really in your power right now which is amazing, stay within that energy to think about the present moment & what you want to continue to create for yourself. If you feel like you’ve lost your spark, that’s okay. Those embers are still within you waiting to be nurtured back into a vibrant flame. Remember, when we hit “rock bottom” it gives us an opportunity to drop down & meet our root. The Root is our first chakra point in the body which is connected to foundation, safety, security & our sense of belonging. It’s the best place to focus on when starting a new chapter in life.

Fall is a season all about transition. We are literally watching what is no longer needed begin to decay & go back to the earth, making way for what is meant to be birthed into the world. Fall is a beautiful reminder that release is part of life & while it can absolutely be out of necessity more than anything else, when we release we do it from a place of love. “I love myself too much to let this continue or to hang onto the things that no longer serve me.” Purging is a form of release, but so is forgiveness. So focus on the things you’ve been holding onto that need your forgiveness or the things that simply need to be laid back into the earth for your own continued growth.

Question to ask yourself: Where do I feel seen? Or, when was the last time I felt seen? Where was I & what did that feel like?

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We’ve also just come out of Mercury Retrograde which can confuse things with it’s affect on communication, technology & more. You might have felt blocked in speaking your truth during that time, or even understanding it all. Maybe people didn’t totally get the things you were saying or vice versa. Now that Mercury has gone direct, that fog has lifted to once again be able to effectively express yourself, so use that to your advantage right now. Also lean into the beauty that is Libra Season. Nurture yourself by experiencing joy & pleasure through the hard work soaking up it’s gifts before we say hello to Scorpio.

The moon’s full light illuminates everything our spirits that needs to be seen & addressed, both shadow & light. So spend time acknowledging what needs to go & what deserves to be honoured & seen.

You are powerful. No matter what this moon brings up for you, don’t forget that.

If you are interested in chatting further, I will be on Instagram Live tonight talking more about the energies, some releasing ceremonies that might be helpful to practice tonight & will also be doing 1-card tarot pulls for the people who tune in. Hope to see you there, tonight at 6:30pm EST.

Wishing you all a blessed & growth-driven day.




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