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The Sweetest Sting: The Wisdom of Scorpio Season

Yesterday marked the beginning of Scorpio season, & while I meant to post this last night, we experienced a wicked storm packed with tornado warnings, warm winds & hail. Needless to say, the power went out & didn’t come back on until about 9pm last night. Seems like an appropriate way for the season of the scorpion to make it's entrance. It also really aligns with the theme of this post, as if the Universe saw me writing & crafted a satire so we could have a little chuckle through the chaos.

Scorpio season is always such an interesting time of year for me. I feel it more physically & emotionally than any other shift in the zodiac. As we start to move into darkness in the Northern Hemisphere, the deep waters of Scorpio seem to almost swallow the earth whole; I feel like everything & everyone is completely submerged into water overpowering any of the energies of the other elements forcing us to be in our oceans. Scorpio’s water embodies so much earth, air & fire to me but with a totally different feel to them. I feel like we get transported to another world like the Upside Down {#imissstrangerthings} during the season of the scorpion & things start to feel & look different.

The Scorpion calls upon the skeletons we’ve got in our closets, raises the things we’ve buried back from the “dead”, & forces us to do the emotional work. It’s a difficult energy to ignore & I find it can breed the reclamation of old habits, the emergence of heavy emotions, feelings of being isolated or feeling like the “other” in a society fuelled by community. We are also moving closer & closer to Samhain or Halloween, a time that the veil which separates this world from the spirit realm is at it’s thinnest.

When we think of the veil being thin, society goes to “spooky season” when goblins & ghouls run wild, & I’m not knocking it. In fact, I’m totally here for it & live my best Hocus Pocus life all October long. Others may focus on communing with deceased loves ones or performing seances to receive messages from guides, ancestors or other spirits in order to help us understand the past & navigate the future. 

But what about our own past? When the veil thins, when Scorpio’s waters act like a big cauldron forcing things to bubble up to our surface, we have the opportunity to stare at our true selves like Alice & the looking glass, not just in this lifetime, but all of our lifetimes. If we can be affected by the traumas or temperaments of our ancestors, why would we not be affected by the traumas & temperaments of our past lives & experiences? Have you ever thought to conduct a seance for your self? Or work with a medium to call upon your past to help you understand all of you, in both this world & the next? 

I feel a lot of my past come through during this time of year, some of the emotions or energies I feel I can’t totally place or understand. “Where did this come from?”, “Why am I so emotional with something I don’t even care that much about?” Sensitivity is an appropriate word for this season & so is vulnerability. Scorpio’s energy is rooted in raw vulnerability when it comes to the self. It’s a time of year for internal dialogues, internal comprehension, understanding & care. With the darkness that is continuing to surround us in the north part of the globe, it acts as even more of a push to go within. Using the energies of the season to interact with your own past & past lives can add to the emotional rollercoaster that might already be transpiring. 

But we’re not always meant to feel okay. We’re not always meant to feel peace. This is a transitional time of year & transitions are messy. The emergence from a comfort zone can be very akin to the same sort of force & mess as leaving the womb. Think of Scorpio as Mother spirit energy. Pushing us into the world from our womb-states - forced to confront, see & be seen, & experience another phase of the magick of life; pain & pleasure. The Scorpion’s sting can be harsh but necessary wake up call. It's venom is the tonic we need in order to understand the living we need to actively pursue. “Where am I not showing up?” “Why do I keep finding myself in the same situations?” “Why am not happy?”

This time of year can manifest feelings of depression & loneliness, also known as S.A.D. {seasonal affective disorder} which isn’t uncommon, I’m a face of it myself. If sensations of isolation & inner work leave you feeling more & more detached, then seek out someone to talk to. We have resources around us that are worth reaching out to; a path of self realization & discovery doesn’t mean we have to be totally removed from the world. It’s more of a call to find the pieces of your puzzle. Those empty spaces in your soul that have been felt, maybe in ways you haven’t even totally realized. It’s a call to do the work that we sometimes miss out on doing when responsibilities & to-do lists call us away from our inner connection with ourselves. The outer world is a wonderful place, but if we aren’t connected to ourselves, how can we fully connect to the world around us? It’s a time to answer our “why’s”.

I highly recommend turning to a family doctor, naturopath, counsellor, friends, family or other holistic practitioners to help you on your inner journey. Breathwork & gentle movement can be deeply nourishing like dancing in your living room or joining an online restorative yoga class. If there are sound healers in your area, that can be a wonderful experience for the soul, body & mind. Getting creative is always one of my biggest go-to’s. Writing, collage {digital & paper}, photography & painting are wonderful ways to channel emotions. Morning meditations to start the day & bedtime meditations to clear the mind before your dreams can help you relax & release any tension or stress. Getting outside & breathing in fresh air is always a good source of emotional medicine.

In terms of supplements, I make sure to load up on vitamin d {I take between 5000 & 10,000 IU a day}, magnesium to help the body relax & recover, b vitamins to help with energy & stress, lion’s mane mushroom to help with cognitive function, GABA to help me in moments of anxiousness & I load up on teas & water to help me feel calm & cozy. Of course, if there are prescriptions that you take make sure to check in with your doctor or naturopath before adding anything to your system to make sure there are no contraindications. And remember, it’s a season not a lifetime. You’ve got this.

How are you feeling this Scorpio season? Are you sensitive to the energies of the Scorpion, or are there other zodiac seasons that you feel deeply? Let me know in the comments section below!

Sending everyone the warmest blessings & well-wishes.







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